The PSA Implementation Guides are designed to help criminal justice professionals successfully incorporate the PSA into a jurisdiction’s pretrial systems. The guides and their supporting resources will enable local leaders and their implementation teams to plan, integrate, test and launch the PSA with fidelity and to do so efficiently and logically.

Many of the resources must be modified to account for local terminology and jurisdiction-specific circumstances.

The guides include comprehensive training materials to assist jurisdictions in preparing local staff to complete the PSA, introducing the PSA to a range of local stakeholders, and thinking through the possible changes resulting from a pretrial risk assessment.

Individuals responsible for implementing the PSA in their jurisdiction should review all these materials carefully and share them with implementation team members as necessary.

All guides are available as web pages or for download as PDF files. The resources supporting each guide are available for download, individually or combined with each guide in a single file.

Month: 0
1APSA Readiness Checklist
Months: 1-2
3APSA Planning Worksheet
5APSA Implementation Plan
6AFirst Team Meeting Agenda
6BPSA Implementation Presentation
6CImplementation Team Education Lesson Plan
6DImplementation Team Education Presentation
6EImplementation Team Education Handouts
Months: 2-8
Technology Integration
7APSA Business Requirements
7BPSA Data Elements Worksheet
7CPSA Test Scenarios
Months: 2-8
Managing Risk
8AExample Decision Framework
9AExamples of a Release Conditions Matrix
9BRelease Conditions Matrix Presentation
9CPSA Results Presentation
Months: 2-8
Measuring Risk
10AViolent Offense List Presentation
11APSA Scoring Manual
12AStandard PSA Report
Months: 5-8
13AStakeholder Education Lesson Plan
13BStakeholder Education Presentation
13CStakeholder Education Agenda
13DStakeholder Education Handouts
14AAssessor Training Lesson Plan
14BAssessor Training Presentation
14CAssessor Training Agenda
14DAssessor Training Handouts
Months: 7-8
15AQA Review Worksheet
15BQA Monthly Spreadsheet
15CQA Spreadsheet by Officer
15DQA Independent Audit Spreadsheet