Advancing Pretrial Policy
and Research

Advancing Pretrial Policy and Research (APPR) works with criminal justice professionals to improve their pretrial justice systems in ways that prioritize the safety of their communities, promote racial justice, and ensure that incarceration is reserved only for those who jeopardize public safety.

Through research, training, technical assistance, and online learning, APPR is dedicated to achieving fair, just, effective pretrial practices, every day, throughout the nation.

On any given day, our nation’s local jails hold nearly 500,000 people who are not convicted and are presumed innocent. Just a few days in jail can cost a person their job, housing, even custody of their children. Research shows that people who are detained before trial are more likely to plead guilty, be convicted, and be arrested again at higher rates.

We can design a better pretrial justice system.

APPR provides local jurisdictions access to researchers, experts, and criminal justice colleagues across the nation who will support their efforts to promote pretrial justice in their communities. From 2019 to 2024, APPR activities include:

  • Intensive technical assistance to 10 counties selected as Research-Action Sites, including implementation of the Public Safety Assessment and other pretrial improvements.
  • Rigorous research and evaluation in Research-Action Sites, including measuring racial disparities, to identify opportunities for more effective policies and practices.
  • Online learning and implementation assistance to pretrial professionals in hundreds of other cities and counties to improve their pretrial practices, including use of the Public Safety Assessment as one part of an effective pretrial system.
  • Broad dissemination of research findings to advance understanding across the nation of research-based pretrial practices.

The Center for Effective Public Policy leads APPR along with Applied Research Services, Center for Court Innovation, ExtensionEngine, Exygy, FrameWorks Institute, National Association of Pretrial Services Agencies, National Center for State Courts, and OpenLattice.

Research on the impact of improvements in Research-Action Sites will be conducted independently by RTI International and Stanford Computational Policy Lab.

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